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"I was a silent sufferer of IBS for over 10 years, trying all conventional medicines and diets with did little to improve the condition. I decided to go for Acupuncture after reading that it was very effective for treating conditions relating to digestion, and went to Penny for treatment with an open mind but also a bit of scepticism as to how effective acupuncture would be to treat my condition.
I am delighted to say that the condition has almost disappeared, which not only has physically made me feel a lot better, but also dramatically improved the quality of life as well. Penny makes you feel extremely at ease, comfortable, and is a very good listener.
I wouldnt hesitate to recommend both Penny and acupuncture to anybody.

Mr SR"

"I decided to see Penny after trying to conceive for 2 years - I was about to start IVF treatment and acupuncture had been recommended to me. My husband and I had been struggling with not only make factor infertility but also I had been told that my endometrial lining (womb lining) was too thin.

Within 8 weeks of starting acupuncture, I had a scan in preparation for the IVF which confirmed that my lining was in fact now a perfect triple layer with text book thickness and lo and behold, I then found out I was pregnant naturally a month later!

I have breezed through my first trimester with very little symptoms which I also put down to my weekly acupuncture sessions.

I highly recommend Penny, she is professional, personable and very knowledgeable in her field.

Mrs J, Aylesbury"



A few lines to express my gratitude to you for the acupuncture treatment you gave me. I've suffered with extreme pain in my hip and legs for a long time now, and don't seem to be getting anywhere with conventional treatment. I do have a referral appointment made through my GP which I intend to keep, but I was so impressed with the pain relief that I received when I saw you that I feel it will be beneficial to see you again in the future for another 'quick fix'! Many thanks!"

Mrs W.D.

"Penny: I wanted to say thankyou for all the care you gave to P and I while we were trying to conceive, and while I was pregnant. As you know, our beautiful baby boy was born happy and healthy and I have no doubt that your wise caring had no small part to play in this. I look forward to seeing you for acupuncture again soon. With heartfelt thanks!"

Mr and Mrs V

"Penny, I write to thank you for the wonderful service you provide. When I first came to see you I was very emotional but your calm, caring and professional attitude was amazing. I am now 15 weeks pregnant which is a true joy for us both. I am sure your treatments had a lot to do with our IVF working first time. I am now a true convert to the wonders of acupuncture, finding it a very relaxing treatment and I will be back for more treatments in the future. I just wanted to express my gratitude to you."

Mrs S.D.

"Dear Penny, you treated me for a time during the summer to regulate things, and I want to say thank you for your help and support! The good news is it worked! - I fell pregnant and I'm reaching my 13th week - I was truly amazed and absolutely thrilled! I wanted to let you know I am truly grateful for your treatment and firmly believe that you definately helped me, so thanks again!"

Mrs K.P.

I visited Penny because I get awful migraines. After only a couple of sessions with Penny, the migraines were less frequent and they lost their punch. I visited her once a month after that to maintain this. Then, 2 years ago, I got breast cancer. After all the chemo etc, I went to Penny to help get myself back in balance. Again, she was really helpful and the acupuncture really made a difference. Penny is a very special lady.


I visited Penny to help cope with the stress of a difficult divorce. She explained it was paramount to tell her the whole story in order to treat the 'whole' me. After two visits I could sleep more than four hours a night and felt calmer. Without Penny's gentle healing hands treating me I think I would be on Valium. I have top up visits now and notice I am not ill - no cold etc for two years. Penny is understanding, professional and also has a gentle magical quality about her. Look in her eyes.

Mrs "P"

"Penny is a dedicated and highly professional complimentary therapist whom I have known for many years.In her safe hands I have benefited hugely from acupuncture for back and neck pain and Indian head massage and reflexology for relaxation and general well being. Her treatments do make a real difference and I recommend her highly.


Anyone seeking acupuncture treatment, I highly recommend Penny Upchurch, who I have known for many years. Penny has not only has an excellent level of acupuncture knowledge and skill, she brings with her unique attributes and insight that elevates her treatment benefit above and beyond the average practitioner.

Sifu Julian D.





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Acupuncturist with 22 Years Experience in Aylesbury