Licensed Acupuncturist with 22 Years Experience in Aylesbury



Acupuncture Is one of the best known forms of Chinese Medicine in the West. During the treatment fine needles (actually specially designed pins) are inserted into points which lie along the channels where the vital energy (called Qi) and the blood flow. This stimulates the body’s own healing response and helps restore its natural balance.


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The Benefits of Acupuncture

Acupuncture works beyond symptomatic relief to harmonize the root imbalance from which symptoms originate.

More people are turning to acupuncture as a natural way to heal without the side effects of drugs traditionally prescribed in the West. Studies show acupuncture stimulates Endorphins (the bodies own natural painkillers), Cortisol (which has an anti-inflammatory effect on the body) and Serotonin (a mood enhancer).

A key claim acupuncturists make about our treatments is that the recipient often feels an improvement in their well-being, feeling revitalised, more positive and relaxed.

Acupuncture patients often report having short-term relief or benefit for the following::

- fertility,
- sleep disorders,
- anxiety,
- depression,
- migraines,

- back pain,
- nausea,
- digestive complaints,
- arthritis,
- gynaecological disorders
- stopping smoking
and more.

Penny has also attended a course with Zita West in 2006 on Acupuncture for assisting IVF treatment. For some useful reading on this vital area, see the excellent Acupuncture IVF Support Clinic website for more information on research and results of treatments.

By the selection of a specific prescription of acupuncture points for their condition, each individual will have a unique treatment to encourage the restoration of energetic harmony within the channels of the body.


The Treatment Described

Treatment takes place whilst patient lies on a massage table. The essentially painless, minimally invasive technique employs the insertion of fine, sterilized, disposable needles using guide tubes into specific points along the meridians.

Patients may experience a warm, heavy or tingling sensation, all of which are normal. Together, the patient and practitioner discuss the goals for treatment and how many visits may be necessary.

Electro-acupuncture may be used if the patient presents with pain. In Electro-acupuncture the acupuncture needles are attached to a device that generates continuous gentle electric pulses, generating a small electric current that flows between pairs of needles.

Penny also utilises moxibustion, cupping and massage in her treatments when indicated.
Licensed Acupuncturist with 22 Years Experience in Aylesbury